Mystery Creek Campground

  1. Fires are allowed in designated areas, DO NOT move the firepit.
  2. Turf, trees, and shurbs, & equipment must not be disturbed.
  3. Unregisterd Guest must leave 10:00pm or pay for your stay.
  4. Radios need to be turned down @ 10pm. Quite time is 12:00am and is STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  5. All tents and ground cloths must be moved every third day,( if staying longer then 3 days). 
  6. Hot water must not be taken from the service building.
  7. NO Water balloons in bathrooms.
  8. Use of any firearms or any missile throwing device are not allowed.
  9. Be aware of the strong current in the river.
  10. We reserve the right to Remove persons from the premises, to those who don't respect, the rights and privacy of other campers & seasonals. ( loud, disrupted,lewd behavior)
  11. Put all garbarge in dumpsters.
  12. No atv are allowed in the camp ( their is trails within driving distance outside the area, but ask management for more details.
  13. Dogs must be on a 6ft leash NOT RETRACTABLE. Also must be on a lead on your site.  Please pick up after too.
  14. All campground activities are at YOUR own RISK.

Rules of the Campground!


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